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Universal Coupling:

  Universal couplings are parts to connect the sets of axis and to transfer movement and angular force of mechanical products. They are widely used for machinery of steel rolling mills, mining, metallurgical rolling, petrochemical, hoist lifting and wind power making turbines etc. They are classified into types of mechanical, hydraulic and electromagnetic. Mechanical type is the most common one. It is classified into rigid type, flexible type and safe type according to different standards & end user application

Rigid type couplings have the main functions of connection and transmission, such as flanged type, sleeve type and clamping type, flexible type couplings have the main functions of connection, transmission, buffering and compensation, such as gear type, membrane type, chain type, universal type and non-metal flexible type.Safe couplings have functions not only as above mentioned, but also overload protection, such as ball type, friction type and pin connected type.

Jai Bharat Castings is a coupling manufacturer, founded in 1977.Not only do we produce couplings, but also we are a comprehensive coupling company in designing, manufacturing and selling of couplings and spare and accessory parts. We produce kinds of unstandable couplings, at the same time, we also produce different kinds of standable coupling. The couplings are in high precision , low noise and vibration, long life and so on, we have a good reputation for our strict management, timely delivery and best quality along-with best service to our customers.