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 Chilled Roll Barrels for Triple Roll Mills:

  Jai Bharat Castings experts in manufacturing of horizontal centrifugally cast double layer straight bore clear chill - chilled roll barrels for triple roll mills, in this course of casting two independent zones - a shell of highly alloyed iron (working layer) of white iron & another a softer graphitic - (non working layer) of grey iron is achieved during the casting along with desired straight bore & wall thickness, harder chilled layer assure longer life of rolls and soft gray iron layer allows smooth mechanical task of drilling, sizing & shaping etcetera, chilled roll barrels can be supplied plan cast, semi-finished or full machined as hollow barrel along-with grinding & mirror polish  

Double layer centrifugal casting gives uniform layer of high density, high grade harder white iron (fine grain) shell with uniform hardness & accurate wall thickness of both layers and it gives freedom from most common sand casting defects like pitting, edge spalling, wrapping, blow holes, sand fusion & shades etceteras, the finished ground products are finely homogenized that finish can be down to 5µ. rolls are designed & manufactured to withstand rapid high pressure and temperature change, in 3:6:9 ratio
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Chilled Roll Barrels for Triple Roll Mills       

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Manufacturing Range:
Diameter 6” to 24” inches / 150 mm to 610 mm
Length 6” to 60” inches / 150 mm to 1520 mm
Wall thickness 2” inches or 50 mm to 10” inches or 250 mm, under the scope of manufacturing   

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Clear Carbon Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Casting 65 - 75 Shore°C
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Casting 70 - 80 Shore°C
Low Alloyed Gray Cast Iron (Core)   Centrifugal Spun Casting 35 - 45 Shore°C