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 Straightening Rolls  
Jai Bharat Castings has maintained its leadership in designing & manufacturing of chilled cast iron straightening rolls (reels / rings) solution for almost all straightening applications through its clear chill compound casting, profile of the working surface is decisive for the production process of straightening applications high surface profile have sufficient hardening depth due to its advanced centrifugal casting ,beside manufacturing chilled cast iron reels JBC also able to produced  high chromium, nodular iron, adamite, spheroidal graphite iron or forged / tempered, straightening rolls / reels for special applications , straightening rolls / reels are available semi-finished , full machined or axel mounted condition  

Maximum & desired chilled depth is achievable due to our advanced centrifugal casting machines double layer centrifugal casting gives uniform layer of white iron for working hardness along-with high wear resistance, crack resistance & spalling resistance 

Straightening Rolls for Structure Mills        

:: Straightening Rolls for T-Section

Straightening Rolls for Bar Straitening       

:: Joist & Beam Straightening Rolls

Straightening Rolls for Angel Straitening   

:: Pipe & Tube Straightening Rolls

Rolls for Strip Edge Preparation                

:: Rolls for Forming Applications

Manufacturing Range:
Barrel Diameter 6” to 24” inches or 150 mm to 610 mm
Barrel Length

6” to 48” inches or 150 mm to 1220 mm

Under the scope of supply

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Adamite Steel Static Castings                              45 – 55 Shore°C
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron      Centrifugal Cosmpound Cast  60 – 70 Shore°C
EN Series Forged / Tempered   40 – 55 Shore°C
Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal/ Static Casting    50 – 60 Shore°C
S.G. Iron Castings                       Static Castings

50 – 65 Shore°C