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 Indefinite Chilled Rolls:

  Indefinite chilled rolls are basically controlled under actual casting and molding conditions, does not solidify completely, even surface contains small amounts of very finely divided carbide, the graphite gradually increases simultaneously in size and in amount from surface to core accompanied by decrease in carbide content, the matrix is generally pearlitic throughout the cross section, indefinite chilled rolls are using extent of silicon, chromium, nickel and molybdenum, resulting, that the working face is no longer completely white (this feature make it different from clear chill rolls where the chilled-zone is graphite-free clear and white) the desired hardness is obtained by changing the carbide/graphite balance which is achieved by a close control of chemistry and process parameters


This variety is generally cheaper than the spheroidal graphite cast iron rolls, the gradual change in hardness associated with the indefinite-chilled structure allows deeper grooving i.e. indefinite chilled rolls are superior in biting performance, indefinite rolls produce excellent results while achieving maximum functional depth, ensure minimum sacrifice of clear chill layer, as the presence of graphite in indefinite chilled rolls offers strong resistance to thermal shock occurring at the time of accident in the rolling operation compared to other types of cast roll

Roll of this type have hardness up to about 70 Shore °C can be grooved for use in roughing and finishing stands, for processing sections such as T-bars and U-sections, and for roughing and intermediate rolls of wire and rod mills.

Properties :

Hardness Graph

U.T.S. Impact Hardness
C Si Mn Cr Ni Mo kg/mm² kg.m/cm² Shore°C
3.00-3.50 0.80-1.50 0.55-1.20 0.80-1.40 1.45-2.50 0.25-0.45 20-30 0.20-0.25 55-75

Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Roll Applications:

ICCI Rolls for TMT Rolling Mills          

:: ICCI Rolls for U-Section Mills  

ICCI Rolls for Narrow Strip Mills        

:: ICCI Rolls for Thin Flat Rolling Mills

ICCI Rolls for T-Section Mills             

:: ICCI Intermediate Stand Rolls

ICCI Rolls for Wire Rod Rolling Mills   


ICCI Finishing Stand Rolls  

:: ICCI Rolls for Round Rolling Mills        ::

ICCI Roll for Deep Section Mills

Manufacturing Range of Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Roll:
Roll Diameter Upto 24 inches or 610 mm
Barrel Length                         Upto 52 inches or 1220 mm
Overall roll length up to 120” or weight 5mt under the scope of manufacturing

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Clear Carbon Chilled Cast Iron Static Casting                55-65 Shore°C
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron Static Casting               

60-70 Shore°C

Low Carbon Cast Iron                    Static Casting                45-55 Shore°C