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ydraulic Press Ram

  Hydraulic RAM / Pistons take the pressure of the hydraulic fluid on one side and pass them on to the forming tools on the other side for these applications; Hydraulic RAM / Pistons manufactured by Jai Bharat Castings from Chilled Cast Iron or Chilled Spheroidal Cast Iron have proven their reliability for decades. The hard and grinding mirror polished surface maintains the high hydraulic oil pressure together with the circumstantial seals. These Hydraulic RAM/Piston are made one piece, flange fitted or fabricated along with drilling operation  

Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Hydraulic Ram / Piston made by Jai Bharat Castings are homogeneous and it is free from all defects like sand fusion, blow holes, piping & cracks etc. JBC manufactured Hydraulic rams are having protected centers & having up to 0.01 micron finish these Hydraulic Rams are capable to bear 350 BAR external specific pressures
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Manufacturing Range:
Diameter From 5 inches or 125 mm to 40 inches or 1020 mm Finished weight up to 9000 K.g.
Length From 5 inches or 125 mm to 80 inches or 2040 mm

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Indefinite Chilled Cast Iron Static Casting 600 – 650 HB
Clear Carbon Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 430 - 550 HB
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 500 - 630 HB
EN – 8 , EN – 9 Forged Plated 350 – 500 HB
Grey Cast Iron Spun Cast 180 - 350 HB