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 Rolls for Flour Mills:

  Jai Bharat Castings are manufacture & exporter of chilled rolls for roller flour mills by centrifugal spin casting technique, using controlled rotational speed & precise double pouring to produce these rolls, this is the most contemporary and sophisticated method to produce high quality duplex rolls, the cementite & paralytic structure ensures that the rolls have consistent hardness over the entire surface (18-20 mm chilled depth) these rolls are available in sand blasted, smooth & fluted surface finish along with grinding and grooving, completed with shrunk fit forged en-8 & en-9 journals and bearing size operations according to milling bodies of overseas & Indian flour mill manufactures, however semi-finish rolls are also available for further harmonizing of journals  

JBC manufactured rolls are made for high peripheral speed roller flour mills therefore these chilled rolls manufactured dynamically balanced, due to our advance centrifugal casting technique, lighter impurities like oxides & gas float more quickly towards the center of rotation from molten metal, where they are easily machined, thus gives a clearer working outer surface, because of the much-reduced cross section of the shell material, a faster cooling rate is obtained harder chilled layer which ensure longer life of rolls

Flour Mill Rolls Range
:: Chilled Cast Iron Flour Mill Rolls      :: Ø200 mm x L800 , L1000 & L1200 mm
:: Chilled Cast Iron Flour Mill Rolls      :: Ø250 mm x L800 , L1000 & L1200 mm
:: Chilled Cast Iron Flour Mill Rolls      :: Ø300 mm x L800 , L1000 & L1200 mm
:: Other sizes are also available on request, up-to Ø600 mm & L1500 mm


Manufacturing Range:
Diameter Upto 24 inches or 600 mm
Length Upto 52 inches or 1220 mm

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Clear Carbon Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Casting 430 - 550 HB
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Casting 500 - 630 HB
Grey Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Casting 180 - 350 HB
Requested chemicals are also available to strengthen and hard on the structure of the materials.