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 Mill Rolls for Food & Feed Industry
  Chilled Rolls manufactures mill rolls for cereal & grain milling, oil seed crushing, flour & feed milling, rice flaking, biscuit, coffee & chocolate industries by centrifugal spin casting process. The cementite & pearlitic structure ensures that the rolls have consistent hardness over the entire surface. Rolls can be supplied as solid cast or hollow as bodies only or complete with shrunk fit spindles.  

:: Cereal and Grain Processing :: Oil Seed Crushing and Flaking
:: Flour and Feed Milling :: Biscuit and Confectionery
:: Chocolate refiners and Food Processing :: Pellet Crumbling
:: Rice Flaking :: Coffee Grinding

Manufacturing Range:
Diameter Upto 24 inches or 600 mm
Length Upto 52 inches or 1220 mm

Material Specifications Process Hardness
Clear Carbon Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 430 - 550 HB
Ni-Cr Alloyed Chilled Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 500 - 630 HB
Grey Cast Iron Centrifugal Spun Cast 180 - 350 HB